Friday, April 25, 2008

How Can Galaxies Move Away Faster Than Speed of Light?

Einstein's Theory of Relativily: says that the speed of light - 300,000 km/s - is the maximum speed that anything can travel in the Universe. It requires more and more energy to approach the speed of light. You could use up all the energy in the Universe and still not be traveling at light speed.
As you know, most of the galaxies in the Universe are expanding away from us because of the Big Bang, and the subsequent effects of dark energy, which is providing an additional accelerating force on the expansion of the Universe.
Galaxies, like our own Milky Way are carried along by the expansion of the Universe, and will move apart from every other galaxy, unless they're close enough to hold together with gravity.
As you look at galaxies further and further away, they appear to be moving faster and faster away from us. And it is possible that they could eventually appear to be moving away from us faster than the speed of light. At that point, light leaving the distant galaxy would never reach us.
When that happens, the distant galaxy would just fade away as the last of the photons reached Earth, and then we would never know it was ever there. This sounds like it breaks Einstein's theories but it doesn't. The galaxies themselves aren't actually moving very quickly through space, it's the space itself which is expanding away, and the galaxy is being carried along with it. As long as the galaxy doesn't try to move quickly through space, no physical laws are broken.
One sad side effect of this expansion is that most of the galaxies will have receded over this horizon in about 3 trillion years, and future cosmologists will never know there's a great big Universe out there.

Most Educated Countries In The World

Rank - Country - Percentage of Population
1 - Canada - 44.0 %
2 - United States - 38.4
3 - Japan - 37.4
4 - Sweden - 33.4
5 - Finland - 33.3
6 - Denmark - 31.9
7 - Australia - 31.3
8 - Norway - 31.0
9 - New Zealand - 30.9
10 - Korea, South - 29.5

Numbers indicate the Percentage of Population aged 25-64 that have attained a tertiary level of education (OECD Countries).
Source: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2007.

Toronto (Ontario, Canada) residents hold more university degrees than any other country in the world.

Countries with Most Universities
1/ India: 8,407
2/ United States: 5,758
3/ Argentina: 1,705

Countries with the Most University Students
1/ United States: 14,261,778
2/ India: 6,060,418
3/ Japan: 3,917,709

The Question That Cannot Be Answered!!!

Q: What is beyond the Universe?
A: It's a question that cannot be answered as of today and we won't know for a very long...long...long...time.

I'm just one of many many people desire for this answer.

The Tallest Topiary in The World

Green and awesomely tall, a shrub growing 61 feet (18.59 m.), it is amazing. When Moirangthem Okendra Kumbi of Manipur returned home after getting his degree of B.Sc. Agri. (Hons.) from Meerut University, in 1983, he found a small plant on a mustard oil tin planted by his sister. The plant was a kind of shrub Manipuris use to grow as fencing to their gardens, so they called it Samban-Lei (Samban means fencing and Lei means flower), its Hindi name is Nilakantha (Sky flower) and Botanical Name is Duranta repens Linn.